Goddess Jessica in I Like Orgies

Goddess Jessica in I Like OrgiesGoddess Jessica in I Like Orgies

I Like Orgies ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Hey honey. I didn’t realize it’s already been two weeks since you had to quarantine at your friend’s place! Yeah, it’s a little messy in here. Yeah, the cleaning lady was here yesterday. I’m not going to lie, the bed is a fuckin’ mess. This is exactly what it looks like. You know that swingers club I wanted to go to? You said no, like a prude? Remember? Well I went and I’m just never going to be the same again. It’s fucking awesome. I keep setting up little dinners with other couples. I keep bringing them back to our house. Sometimes these guys have single guy friends, I always encourage them to bring them along. I have been having a blast getting my brains fucked out by multiple guys. I feel like a little porn star, I feel alive! I’ve never had so much fun in my life, I’m so happy, I’m so turned on ALL the time. I’m not even sorry about it, I feel like I’ve been cheated this whole time. I can never go back to our boring sex life, either get used to it or divorce me. It looks like you’re getting turned on by all these stories though, should I keep going? You can touch yourself if you want. Let me tell you about what happened just last night.
Published Sep 24, 2020
Cuckquean, Hot Wife
Cheating Wife Fantasy, Cuckold, Erotic Story, Hot Sex Stories, Jerk Off Instruction, Lingerie, Swingers, Wife Sharing,
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